We have created various Flash projects featuring some of the following:


www.LeeBehnken.com (Earlier Flash Version)

This site was created entirely with Flash. Includes pre-loader, intro with sound and controls, and a fully-functional, self-contained website. This version is no longer linked to the main website, and is only online as an example of Flash design.

Cost = $4000




We created this Flash movie from scratch. Includes preloader, player controls, sound effects, and more.

Cost = $5000




Interactive Book created in Flash


N E W - E N G L A N D

Introduced in the Boston public schools in 1690, for the next two centuries The New England Primer (prem-er) was a required textbook from which every student in American schools learned in grammar and spelling.

This was the textbook that our founding fathers, early Presidents, congressman, judges, and everyone involved with the United States government learned to speak and read from.

The 1900 reprint described the impact of the book by stating, “The New England Primer was one of the greatest books ever published. ...[I]t reflected in a marvelous way the spirit of the age that produced it, and contributed, perhaps more than any other book except the Bible, to the molding of those sturdy generations that gave to America its liberty and its institutions.”

Take special notice here that what you are reading was a FIRST GRADE LEVEL vocabulary.




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